7 Shots at Ter’ell Productions Studio

[ 1 ] When you see an angel covering her eyes while cradled in a tall tree stump, you know for sure you’re at Ter’ell Productions Studio in South Austin, Texas.


[ 2 ] Going South on I-35, make a right on Stassney, another right on South 1st and… you see Ter’ell Shahid’s top priorities on the studio door. They are Saving Austin Music and Neckbone.

door to ter'ell

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7 Shots at S.E. Studios

[ 1 ] From the outside, S.E. Studios in North Austin, Texas, looks just like a motel.


[ 2 ] …like a motel somebody might wanna break into?

motel with bars

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Strange Revival (2009)

[ Waaaaaaaaay at the bottom of this post, there’s a free download of a new Mojoe track called “Strange Revival” featuring Bavu Blakes produced by Symbolyc One (S1). But between this very spot on your screen and that track is my long story that dates from us meeting in 2003 up to us shooting the “Strange Revival” video the other day. ]

“They say a kingdom divided will fall…”

Back in 2003, in the wake of a massive three-year weekly Austin, Texas, live freestyle event the Reelaktz crew set up and allowed to be ran into the ground called Hip Hop Humpday… a San Antonio club promoter called me to set up a new weekly duo gig. By duo I mean D-Madness and I, the most dynamic musician and emcee from that Humpday set. This new opportunity would require D-Madness and me to drive an hour south, and back again, every week for the life of the gig.

Promoter Guy had heard of us through the Humpday, but that was over and I was doing duo sets with D almost exclusively at this point. He was fine with our explanation, and the fact that two performers would cost him much less than 10 or more would. But there was one stipulation – the promoter wanted us to yay-or-nay a new San Antonio duo called Mojoe. He said if we liked them and approved, then they’d get the gig and vice-versa.

We went down to S.A. a week or so later and checked out their tunes at the promoter’s house. The production was ehh, but we all agreed that the songwriting and the style were strong, catchy and very compatible with us. From there, we agreed to join forces at this swanky lounge in Northwest San Antonio. If I remember correctly the venue was off of Huebner or Eckert and Babcock and is currently called the Sky Lounge.

From that first gig in San Antonio, we developed a growing kinship – and by ‘we’, I mean Mojoe, D-Madness, myself … and the list goes on. For the past seven years, we’ve experienced ups, downs, births, deaths, marriages, divorces and of course great performances and recordings while learning a lot about art, music and manhood from one another.

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