Back Up Off These Artists (Or Not)

back up off me

Do you know what your favorite new artist had for breakfast this morning? Well, maybe you could. But why do you care?

The social networking age offers instant access and a new sub-culture, which assures me that you probably know what terms like FB and RT mean. For music lovers like us, this means you can “befriend” and closely follow your favorite artists.

Lesser-known artists can present themselves as public figures and use social networking tools to endear their followers and potential supporters. They can even change the way people view them.

The upside of this is that if mainstream isn’t giving you what you want because you’ve had enough Coke or McDonald’s, then you can find obscure independent artists who cater to your personal taste. Once you find them, you can plug into their thoughts, experiences and music through numerous social networks.

If an artist keeps it professional, you can get insight and timely updates. Or if the artist gets all personal on you, you can better understand the conditions that created that song you play every day.

But I’m here to tell ya… there’s something else – the aftertaste.
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Haiti New Year

Apologies, I haven’t posted in what seems like forever.

It’s been a long time, and I shouldn’t have left you. But it’s 2010, the year of organization [and relocation for that matter] so it is what it is. I’ve been sacrificing, and the last time I went this long without seeing my wife, she was my girlfriend and I wrote this.

I’ve been offline busy, but still took out some time to drop a worthwhile post on the mothership by way of the 54. Also, whenever Matt will let me in the lab again, I’ll offer my second podcast broadcast. [Ya’ll slept on the first one, but I’m not angry — only a little disappointed.]

Also, Bavu’s Revue on KAZI is suspended until I step my technology game up further notice, but it’ll be back soon unless God says different.

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