Couple Joints from D.C.

I was born in D.C. …back when Let’s Get It On was the song…
[ photo by Sean Beasy lookin boi ]

I was born in Columbia Hospital two days after Nona Gaye, who was still the center of attention when I showed up. All that to say, I’ll always have a slight connection to D.C., bare minimum.

For the past couple of years, instrumental music from D.C. has been one of my favorite things. So here are some new ones from Apollo Brown, as well as the1978ers.
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Five Four Reality Show

This isn’t the first, second or third, and probably won’t be the last time you see The Five Four Reality Show on BavuBlogs.

five four
[ happy people lookin bwoyz ]

When we launched this page, there was a Five Four Reality Show feed in the right column. I left Texas, streamlined the page and all. But fam is phayum. Needless to say, Crew54 is fam.

Speaking of fam, I’m actually in this video because the homie MattSoReal had a birthday party hours after I got in town and blahblahblah watch the video.

Oh, and speaking of fam, at around the 2:55 mark of this video I’m performing to the Grupo Fantasma horn section plus Adrian Quesada on guitar. Congrats to them for winning a Grammy independently for their latest album El Existential.
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Anthony David is a cool cat, and very creative. He has a dope vocal tone, and a serious pen. Plus his work ethic; he gets alot done on two legs, yet works well with others.

He’s the type of cat you interview, and then a year later he remembers your name. And by you, I mean me (dap)

This Anthony David collabeaux with the exclusively awesome Algebra Blessett and prolific Phonte Coleman has been around for a minute. But now it’s new to the point of actually being out and, most importantly, OUT THERE.

I heard it on KJLH 102.3 the other day, and I heard it was on BET’s 106 & Park. Respect the beauty of how folks were jamming the unfinished version of 4Evermore in 2009, and it still jams. So, unless you wanna play dumb, this is still a brand new song and video…
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Andrae Van Buren Album

Not Andrae Crouch, the gospel giant who got sampled tough for Strange Revival.
[ lookin boi ]

Not Andre Benjamin aka Dre3K of OutKast, who raps better than S. Carter and coined the phrase Everyday the 14th on The Love Below.
[ shoe model lookin boi ]

But Andrae Van Buren, a Memphis-to-Austin transplant who mostly plays alto sax, and sometimes keys. His new album, Deep ….nough said is available here on iTunes.
drae album
[ deep ….lookin boi ]

Andrae Van Buren aka Nookie Coltrane showed up in the Casual City in 1999, and immediately hopped on stage. He’s played the most with D-Madness and Mojoe. I know him well, so I asked him a few questions after the album dropped.
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