“Hey, Bavu…”

One thought on ““Hey, Bavu…”

  1. Bavu, It’s been quite awhile since we talked. I am Rob Bob Produce for T-Wrex and close friends with, Chuck Sly, Top Notch, DJ Spinn, Ty Macklin,Soul, Eddie D, and the list goes on. First, I wanna say, you, are absolutely one of my lyrical heros.Let me make this quick. My 17 year old daughter will be graduating from Lincoln High School this year, she is finishing up a movie that will be presented to Tyler Perry called Drill Team. She’s been working with some of his producers and they love her wrighting and her overall skills, so we have a BIG way in. We want to use your first track on your first album we call it “Tumbleweed in the Dust”. Hit me back at my emal so we can talk 1Luv Bob Greer

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