My Bday gift to you

As sure as my mama is laying on my couch right now (and my baby sis), and as sure as I had a refreshing week in the Bahamas and Miami… here comes my gift to the world.


I want to give you these 13 tunes for Labor Day. It’s the day mama went in to labor, and I showed up. So with no further typing about it, I present to you the Channel One LP on the house, plairs.

Download it, jam it, lemme know what you think. I will not be on Facebook, Twitter, etc., after another 26 hours. I won’t be there; I’ll be here. Rest assured that I’ve got everything I need. I got that. Peace.

One thought on “My Bday gift to you

  1. Hey Bavu I need to holla at you..that track was messed up with that software can you help me if i send you the beat and drop a new verse…I only need 8 bars also. If you can send me your address also, I can send your drawing.


    Tracks were dope

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