Eddie Long Lyrics

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ain’t no big deal / pretty typical mischievous teen but / breath of fresh air steppin on the scene but / nice guy but sometimes i did mean stuff to my own sisters / pretty much clean cut / only angelic in presence, far away from heaven / no control of my tongue, quick to get irreverent / smoked enough cigarettes and blunts to kill a reverend / by may 17, 1997 / lied to my people, told them i graduated / kept all the gifts, guilt left me agitated / threw away all i built as a journalist / hard-headed telling myself i could rap and make it / new i coulda shoulda woulda been doing both / but chose to do the most / trying to stunt my growth / battled through emotions / hid behind a song / i’ma cast my stones at eddie long

[chorus] eddie long

now my story gets bad, but at times it gets greater / broke into my homie’s house as a fifth grader / a way to channel my curiosity for the worst / and i don’t think i’m a thief it’s some sort of curse / and i don’t think i’m a liar, the truth sort of hurts / growing pains, growth spurts / instead of tripping off guilt, wanna be the judge / shed tears over my dirt, see the mud / but i believe god wanted me to budge / content where i was, rapping like a mug / if it made me sound good i would go record it / a whale in a toilet, thought i was so important / talking on a cel phone i don’t even own / but i’ma cast my stone at eddie long / wanna feel better though i’m knowing i’ve been deadly wrong / so i’m throwing my stones at eddie long


been trying to figure out what i got these gifts fa / meanwhile i’ve been deceptive, a trickster / victimized by somebody else, nope, pride / don’t get me wrong when i say i played both sides / not a homo, hardly any punk in me / but as far as missing my mark, i done plenty / for example i have forsaken my family in favor of hanging on the ave / probably blew a quarter mill or a half on absolute trash and not just way in the past / took advantage of producers never paid for tracks / not to mention my investors never paid ’em back / unprotected naked sex with her then i judge her / tried to make some women menage and i’m not usher / these are my confessions, i could go on and on / but i’ma cast my stone at eddie long

[Easy Lee] i wish that i was smarter or i had my life in order or at least prayed harder / like corduroy in water this is heavy on my soul / … i’m a porn-watching joint-smoking henny-sipping poet from the n.o. / my hip hop credentials in tact but morally my holy locomotive got stalled on them tracks / in the meantime and between time spit the hardest rhymes winking at the cutie in the back with the native eyes / that’s a demon in disguise trying to shoot me like a movie flesh and beauty got me weaker than these laptop speakers / lap dance preacher / 7 days without prayer makes one weaker / early bird wordsmith worm in my beaker / sax reed damp jazz birdland features / ill compositions you can blame it on the hand / joe brown gavel swing eddie on the stand / only god can judge me

2012: 54 Reality Show Ep. #2


Wifey: The Back Story

I was never just a rap guy. In this stage of my life, I listen to quite a bit of instrumental Hip Hop [google “Odd Summer EP 2009”]. But I’m pretty sure Eric Morgan, who handled the post-production and editing on the Wifey video, would rather I not go into detail about that. So here’s the backstory.

back. story.
Wifey x Back x Story

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Better 2 Be Lyrics

featuring B.L.A.X.Smith on the hook and second verse… BETTER 2 BE is Track 4 on the upcoming SANCT EP

Written by L. Smith & B. Blakes, haaanh

A seed originally planted in 2009 grew into this hook delivered by B.L.A.X.Smith. I’m pretty sure my wife was out of town when Sade dropped her first single in a decade or so, Soldier of Love.

When Soldier of Love dropped, I immediately started dreaming of lyrics and rushing to where I knew someone could record them. I wanted to remix that song Wes Sanders style by morning. [ And Tif had to have been out of town, because in my verse I blatantly mentioned the life-changing late night West Texas blizzard we’d recently driven through in a Celica. ]

When I got to the Treehouse, aka Burro Magic’s crib, he and Smith didn’t look at me crazy. They were up, and they asked if they could record on it too. I said yes. But I finished mine that night, and had a good enough version to show for it by morning. Burro went to town on the arrangement. On short notice, no less (dap).

I didn’t do much with it besides put it on a podcast I did at Matt’s house shortly after that, and randomly email it to FWMJ and V-Zilla. Because.

Smith never let go of that one line from the Soldier of Love Fleaux — that one bar, those four counts, 11 words “and if you know you’re blessed / then what’s better to be”.

So eventually I sent him a beat and challenged him to make a hook out of it. This challenge came about a year after that late night session, by the time I was settling into Long Beach life, running 10K’s for breakfast and putting together what would become the 2012 SANCT EP produced entirely by Reggie Coby. Which, by the way, is coming out in ohhh… 10 weeks! Continue reading “Better 2 Be Lyrics”