Samax is a Man

spring 2011

I would say Samax is the man, but that’s ridiculous and corny. Samax Amen Randolph is a grown man in Dallas/Fort Worth who makes dope art aka GhettoManga.

Lots of folks from the homie Ofeezny to the healthier Chalie Boy are loving this “Garland Globetrotter” piece he somehow worked up for me for less than a Grand. Ofeezny lauds his work, while Chalie wants to work with him.

Check this post he put up on Ziontific. It relates to the stream of info I’m prepping for you from these two Texas trips. Basically I serviced around 100 buttons to The Nobody Who Knows down there in Austin. If you don’t know what The Nobody Who Knows is, or, should I say, who they are, just ask me.

[ that was a lotta commas… ]

If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of The Nobody Who Knows… (dap)

2 thoughts on “Samax is a Man

  1. what’s up Shep!!! shocked (gasp) i didn’t see you last weekend, so let’s make a point of it during sxsw (dap)

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