Bruno x Bars

Don’t try to fight it / There ain’t nothin’ that you can do

— Disco Mike

At first I was hesitant. Perhaps my pride kept me from reaching out. For years, I’ve had a mostly silent affinity for various “Christians who rap” in Texas — folks like Playdough, Sivion, L. Moore, The Warriors ATX, D-Kutz, etc…

To make a long story short, I hit up Bruno.
That’s Fred Bruno, or Freddie Bruno.
Not Bruno Mars, although I admire the hustle, the songwriting ability and a knack for writing hooks that could bring Shamu home for dinner.

[ Plus this tune is undeniable. It’s taking everything in me not to mess with it. ]

Not the Brit Frank Bruno, who had the nerve to pull a Willard. And not the Bruno who sat on Marshall’s face, but Freddie Bruno of Deespace 5, a mellow cat I’d run into back on the Dallas scene.
I bleev this Bruno’s a D.C. native like me. I hit him up for some beats recently, and that’s the only way I ever heard of Dropbox. So I grabbed a few of the tracks, and that’s all I can say without saying too much for now!

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