May the Best Team Win?!

I don’t get paid to watch 80 regular season basketball games and keep up with all the rosters and stats for months. The teams with the most wins may run out of endurance once it’s time to fight for the ring, anyway. So I don’t pay attention to the NBA, or any other sport, until the playoffs begin.


When this year’s pro hoops post-season started, I quickly decided that Lebron James deserved a championship because he’s so excellent. One day the Missus pointed out how even the way he strides up the court between plays is inspiring. “He just walks with so much purpose,” she said. But he lost.

Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard is just plain marketable. He’s young, friendly and the best big man in the league. But Superman couldn’t carry the Magic on his shoulders, so they lost.

There’s no denying that since Michael Jordan retired, Kobe Bryant is the last person a player would want to challenge. He is a bloodthirsty killer, and his Los Angeles Lakers are the returning champions. But after you count Bryant, Pau Gasol and awesome Ron Artest, their roster is mostly average. Plus, they don’t play so well as a group – only as Kobe and company.

Mr. Bryant has shown himself to be the baddest thing on two legs in the 2010 playoffs. I just watched him score 20-something straight Laker points in Game Five. But keep in mind that there are ten legs on a basketball team. So despite all the breathtaking Black Mamba highlights, they didn’t have the best output as a team. So they lost.

The bottom line is that L.A. fans better hope Derek Fisher or somebody besides Kobe plays big tonight, or they will earn an opportunity to go fishing on a Wednesday.

I do realize that the Lakers have home-court advantage and a great chance of winning their second straight NBA title this week, but lesbi-honest: Kobe ‘nem are not the best team.

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