7 Shots at S.E. Studios

[ 1 ] From the outside, S.E. Studios in North Austin, Texas, looks just like a motel.


[ 2 ] …like a motel somebody might wanna break into?

motel with bars

[ 3 ] This is the front room, home to A.C. and Street Educated Productions. Do not try and steal A.C.’s stuff, just trust me on that one.

front room

[ 4 ] Here we have the second room, where I like to work with Wes Sanders, DJ Knowledge and Bozzno.

back room

[ 5 ] Bozzno aka Igor Da Bosnian, sleeping giant producer who crafted the sound of “Grind Over Glory” feat Chalie Boy, for example… mostly sketching to himself on this day.


[ 6 ] Wes Sanders, DJ and Engineer who has perfected the duo/blend styled remix. If you don’t know what I mean, then we still have a lot to learn about each other don’t we?!


[ 7 ] D.O.S. came thru to work on “Casual City” and such.


[ BB ] Questions, anyone?!

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