7 Shots at Ter’ell Productions Studio

[ 1 ] When you see an angel covering her eyes while cradled in a tall tree stump, you know for sure you’re at Ter’ell Productions Studio in South Austin, Texas.


[ 2 ] Going South on I-35, make a right on Stassney, another right on South 1st and… you see Ter’ell Shahid’s top priorities on the studio door. They are Saving Austin Music and Neckbone.

door to ter'ell

[ 3 ] When you first step in, you’re already in the booth. I just so happened to find my last rhyme, from “Nobody”, sitting on a music stand… under the mic and headphones looking all artistic. Perfect for Shot 3!

ter'ell booth

[ 4 ] And then you have the control room, summed up pretty well by this end table and couch. Comfy and cultured.

control room

[ 5 ] This is the man of the hour, serving my studio needs since 2002. He bailed me out, by mixing and mastering Create & Hustle, before I knew Barry O and our government could do it for Chrysler. Meet Ter’ell Shahid of Urbanian Entertainment, looking most Presidential after his daughters’ Christmas Play.

money smile

[ 6 ] Speaking of which, his daughters helped decorate the spot… See?!

kiddie art

[ 7 ] From the control room to the booth, this is an intimate recording and mixing spot with a big soulful sound. It is easy for an artist to get in his zone here. This is where I did the Extra Plair EP, and some of my upcoming sophomore album tentatively titled “Too Selfish”.

final ter'ell

[ + ] Before you ever hear the album version of “Can’t See It”, produced by Dertrick “Fire” Winn and featuring the vocals of Ter’ell Shahid and S’ence, you can say you saw this video. Note to self: In this video, “Can’t See It” has a double-meaning… haha!

[ BB ] Questions, anyone?!

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