Conquering New Territory

Settling in to this Long Beach, Cali, lifestyle. That means some good stuff is coming to as soon as possible. As usual, we’ll keep bringing you bits of music, culture, lifestyle and experience on the blogs.

Hung out with the first guy kind enough to extend his hand out here homie Aloe Blacc and his lady Maya Jupiter on a video shoot over the weekend. More on that later…

Meanwhile, back in the homeland, it’s the week of South by Southwest 2010 and spring break at UT. I’m missing it all for the first time in at least half your lifetime, but I’m at peace with it for sure. In fact, I just found a small feature that sums up where I am.

“There is no name more synonymous with Austin hip-hop than Bavu Blakes. Talk to just about any hip-hop artist in Central Texas and odds are they are aware of the enigmatic emcee. For 15 years prior to an impending move exodus to Los Angeles Long Beach, Blakes has made Austin his home and worked tirelessly to bridge the gaps in the diverse music scene.”

Here’s a link to the full article.


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