Coverage of Covers


Yesterday, we went in-depth about interpolations cover songs and alleged covers of cover songs. Today we’ll just talk about covers — CD covers!

We, the innumerable staff at Bavu Blogs have seen some crappy cover art lately. We’ve even seen crappy cover art by some great artists lately. It even rubbed the captain of the mothership, FWMJ, the wrong way.

So rather than point out the less-than-fine art, let’s commend some artists who I’m going to check out on the strength of their covers alone. Well, technically, I was going to check out Homeboy Sandman already because he makes me wanna rap.

Three excellent covers appearing in 3… 2… 1…


pbjsolution cover


Feedback and recommendations of fine covers are welcome!

2 thoughts on “Coverage of Covers

  1. Haha the innumerable staff… Very nice and on the subject of cd covers I know you couldn’t commend yourself but I like the cartoon bavu rippin it up

  2. yep. homeboy sandman is extra dope. I’ma definitely buy that joint! ‘lightning bolt’ is a low-tech futuristic smash!

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