Andrae Van Buren Album

Not Andrae Crouch, the gospel giant who got sampled tough for Strange Revival.
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Not Andre Benjamin aka Dre3K of OutKast, who raps better than S. Carter and coined the phrase Everyday the 14th on The Love Below.
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But Andrae Van Buren, a Memphis-to-Austin transplant who mostly plays alto sax, and sometimes keys. His new album, Deep ….nough said is available here on iTunes.
drae album
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Andrae Van Buren aka Nookie Coltrane showed up in the Casual City in 1999, and immediately hopped on stage. He’s played the most with D-Madness and Mojoe. I know him well, so I asked him a few questions after the album dropped.

drae two
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So here’s an mp3 of a hip hoppish joint off the album, followed by our Q-and-A from the other day (dap)

B: We used to talk about you doing a mixtape or album years ago. What made you decide to finally do an album?
A: It wasn’t planned by any means. I guess you could say GOD made that decision for me to do the album. There may still be a mixtape at some point, but who knows, we’ll see… The opportunity presented itself, so I ran with it and didn’t look back.

B: Who’d you work with on this?
A: George Pettus aka GP was the producer for the album. Also I had a track with Jon Keyzz, a track with Christopher (Shorti C) Edwards [mp3 above], and producer Patrick Thrasybule.

B: Who didn’t you work with, that you should have?
A: Pete Rock, Kev Brown, 9th Wonder, Oddisee, Little Brother, D-Madness, Dr. Dre, Vooski, DJ Jazzy Jeff, S1, Quincy Jones. Man, I could go on, way too many to list [fah-dum-toom-PSH!]. I WISH I HAD THE CHANCE TO WORK WITH DILLA.

B: What styles did you not cover on this disc that you tend to incorporate at a live show?
A: Reggae and definitely go-go. You’ll definitely catch me throwing that in.

B: How much of this project is Memphis, and how much is Austin?
A: I’d say this project is Memphis and NYC, with hints of Austin. Just a touch of the A, definitely M-Town and NYC thick though…

Bonus Question: Who is, hands down, one of the dopest musicians in America, that stays at your crib when he’s in Austin?
A: That would be Casey Benjamin, one of my best homies. He just happens to be one of the baddest all-around musicians that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

7 thoughts on “Andrae Van Buren Album

  1. Hey, man…you are finally doing ‘your thing’…..this is great ‘stuff’. Your uncle is so proud of you…you got my support always!! Keep up the great work….’unc Daren’

  2. Drae you the man! Im glad to see a Van Buren doing it up big! Imma need to get a copy of the album.

    Love your cousin,

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