Anthony David is a cool cat, and very creative. He has a dope vocal tone, and a serious pen. Plus his work ethic; he gets alot done on two legs, yet works well with others.

He’s the type of cat you interview, and then a year later he remembers your name. And by you, I mean me (dap)

This Anthony David collabeaux with the exclusively awesome Algebra Blessett and prolific Phonte Coleman has been around for a minute. But now it’s new to the point of actually being out and, most importantly, OUT THERE.

I heard it on KJLH 102.3 the other day, and I heard it was on BET’s 106 & Park. Respect the beauty of how folks were jamming the unfinished version of 4Evermore in 2009, and it still jams. So, unless you wanna play dumb, this is still a brand new song and video…

It’s mixed, mastered and coming soon on the new Anthony David album As Above, So Below. So there. He did that, a slow bubble… and a perfect way to start a Thursday on this Lovely Week.

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