Five Four Reality Show

This isn’t the first, second or third, and probably won’t be the last time you see The Five Four Reality Show on BavuBlogs.

five four
[ happy people lookin bwoyz ]

When we launched this page, there was a Five Four Reality Show feed in the right column. I left Texas, streamlined the page and all. But fam is phayum. Needless to say, Crew54 is fam.

Speaking of fam, I’m actually in this video because the homie MattSoReal had a birthday party hours after I got in town and blahblahblah watch the video.

Oh, and speaking of fam, at around the 2:55 mark of this video I’m performing to the Grupo Fantasma horn section plus Adrian Quesada on guitar. Congrats to them for winning a Grammy independently for their latest album El Existential.


I haven’t performed with Grupo in a year or so, but I saw them rock in Fullerton a few months back. Lawdamercy I’m super happy for them as this is a long overdue and well-deserved accolade. They’ve had my back like very few bands ever have, and even re-played the samples for some records I hope you’ll hear soon!

I actually have a draft sitting on the back end of this site called “Why I Like Grupo Fantasma”. You’ll see it eventually.

Until then, watch the above video again [fa-dum-toom-PSH!] which also profiles the wondrous work of Crew54 feat D-Madness and DJ Digg, Kydd, the Pharcyde, B L A C K I E and more… (dap)

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