Wifey Video Shoot

Track 5 on the Sanct EP is called Wifey.

Produced by Reggie Coby (LOEGz/Dred Skott), the Wifey joint features…
D-Madness (bass), Carter Arrington (guitar) and Jon Keyzz (keys, duh).

We wrapped a three-camera video shoot for it Saturday, July 3rd.

The Wifey raw screen test footage video trailer is way down below…

We found some under-utilized spots in the Laguna Beach area, specifically Wood Cove and Table Rock. Once the energy and waves started flowing, it all went by in a flash.
[ First, I had to bribe my super model student teacher wife, mother-to-be with a snow ball. ]

The snow ball spot, like all locations involved in the video, is on the world famous Pacific Coast Highway aka Route PCH.
diamond street
[ Out the house, driving South on Route PCH, if you stop at the Diamond…
see what I did with that? Diamond – Wifey?
So, stop at Diamond Street and look to your right. ]
right at Diamond
[ Look closely. See that in the distance? ]
[ I know you see it. ]
bluff and water
[ Dangerously beautiful. ]
[ It’s going down. ]
[ Took off the shoes and socks, and then “It Went Down” (c) Matt ]

3 thoughts on “Wifey Video Shoot

  1. This is a wonferful blog! We can’t wait to see you all. Love yall!

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