A Poem For Reggie [Esbe pt 5]

Timing is everything.
A Poem For Reggie
by Charles L. Peters

His voice, a cello

deep / rich with message

his bars

a symphony conducted by love

of God, of family

of League

Your bond was blood


you bleed the tears of a brother

a pain the rubberneckers will never know

i mourn WITH you

not FOR you

i know what it means to be





i didnโ€™t come to romanticize

or sugarcoat

this hurts

and thereโ€™s no way to get around it

For every blues there is a season

a seed and rain

a reason to grow

i look forward to seeing

your new wings

soaring through new skies

in search of new sounds

chords and rhymes

this is a new life you wear

a coat, warm

worn in his memory

for time is cold

his was now

ours is coming

love and laugh like this is your last

This is your story

and thereโ€™s no way to get around it

read it

over beats

let the speakers tell

of the blessed chapter

Dred Skott is

Austin burns tonight

i can smell the love in Georgia
copyright 2011 charles l. peters

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