Remember Interviews?

I did one, with a site called SocioSync. It got deep.

“SocioSync: What are 2 or 3 highlights that have really stood-out, in terms of victories that your company has had in your industry? Whether because of certain events you’ve had, or, because of any unique sponsorships, or endorsements, that you’ve managed to gain.

Bavu: Being an independent artist from a small Southern town, first I’d say success to me has been getting booked for the Austin City Limits Festival, headlining South by Southwest or the joint we did at the W Hotel with Blue October, Ghostland Observatory and the Dixie Chicks later that month.

Bavu: Second…”
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ACL Live Music Video

DVZN Media Dookie Vizion Productions presents…
more premium content in a short-form concert video. What a great year!
acl live joint
[ DVZN Media photo ]

Cameos (dap) from Grammy winning producer and guitarist Adrian Quesada (0:28) of Echocentrics, Ocote Soul Sounds, Brownout and Grupo Fantasma. Also from Reggie Coby (0:13), emcee/vocalist of Dred Skott/LOEGz and producer of my 2011 joint coming soon. Intro by Andy Langer ‘nem…
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Eddie Long at South by Southwest

c/o the 54 reality show dot com

I just left Austin, Texas. Yet I’m headed back again.

Nevertheless, “it went down”. (c) Matt

[ Grown and Soulful ]

Maya Azucena is all over the world, but is still as sweet as the name Azucena implies. She hosted the Thursday night joint at 11th Street Station. #Community

Speaking of community…
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