Dance Sucka x MTV


I’ve referred to Da’Shade Moonbeam (pictured above, right) on this site as one of the most talented Texans ever. His spoken word, capoiera, emceeing and energy are all ridiculoso. His rap group, Blacklisted Individuals (Da’Shade and Snyp) is one of my few personal favorites in Austin Texas.

In a glimmer of social justice, MTV agrees and has named them this week’s Needle In The Haystack. I ran into Snyp at the barbershop once and asked him for some new music, and “Dance Sucka” is the same tune he sent me that next day. I used to spin it on Bavu’s Revue at The Soul of Austin. I’m glad it’s going further, because it is ironically the same type of song as my own “On the Cool“.

Given what is commonly said about great minds, I must have one! Right now I’ve got a mind to also suggest that you google Gidon the Mighty Warrior as well.

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